The partners and BIG-candidates with their information systems

Information Systems of the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

PGRDEU - National Inventory of Plant Genetic Resources

  • Information over stocks of plant genetic resources ex situ, in situ and on farm
  • Information about endangered native crops

FGRDEU - National Inventory of Forest Genetic Resources

  • Information on ex situ and in situ gene conservation of more than 100 important tree and shrub species in Germany

Information Systems of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

FloraWeb - data and information on wild plants and vegetation in Germany

  • Distribution data and stock situation
  • Endangerment information: Red lists of the federal and state governments
  • Taxonomy and systematic

WISIA - Information System on International Species Conservation

  • Protection status of trade relevant species according to international and national treaties and laws

Information Systems of the Leibniz Institute for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research

GBIS / I – Genebank Information System of the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research

  • data on more than 150,000 samples of 3,212 species and 776 genera of the genebank collection of Gatersleben about taxonomy and origin

Mansfeld database for agricultural and horticultural crops

  • Information on taxonomy, nomenclature, synonymy, common names, distribution, utilisation, literature to over 6,000 crop plant species worldwide

Information System of Botanical Gardens

SysTax - Information System for Systematics and Taxonomy

  • Data on living material from currently 57 botanical gardens
  • Information from specimen collections (herbaria)
  • Taxonomic information (systematics / taxonomy / nomenclature)
  • Pictures
  • Distribution data
  • Literature

Information System of the Federal Plant Variety Office

Variety information

  • Information on protected and registered varieties

Information System of the Julius Kühn Institute

EVA II - Evaluation programme of plant genetic resources

  • Evaluation of disease resistance of wheat and barley accessions
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