The project was carried out in its original form, together with the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation  (BfN) in Bonn, the Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) in Gatersleben and the Association of Botanical Gardens represented through the Botanical Garden of the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB). In present, two institutions, the Federal Plant Variety Office (BSA) and the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) want additionally  join in the BIG network. After the previous partners have proposed a positive vote, the IBV of BLE is coordinating the negotiations with the BIG candidates.

The aim of BIG was to develop an information system which delivers existing data  about biological, genetical, ecological, economical and geographical information in the field of plant genetic resources all to be listed in one system, which enables networked requests and therefore creates a fast and easy access to the data.

The partners and candidates of the BIG association portray on this website the functionalities and data content of their information systems. The links give users easy entry to the information systems of  BIG partners and candidates. The user should get a fast overview on the relevant information systems in the field of plants in a clearly arranged and compact form beyond the borders of specific subjects.
BIG facilitates interdisciplinary cooperation: In the field of breeding and research, information on for breeders interesting local populations of  wild plant species and limitations of their use due to nature protection can be researched. On the other hand nature conservationists are able to access information from the field of breeding, which would be otherwise only indirectly and circumstantial accessible.

BIG is intended for all plant interested individuals, who are searching beyond the borders of their specific subjects information about plants, for example users out of research, economy (plant breeding, horticulture), policy and administration, nature conservation, collections (botanical gardens, genebanks, herbaria) and of the international cooperation.

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